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Pool Heating

When you've invested in a swimming pool or spa, you should be able to enjoy it beyond summer, or even all year long. The Red Cross ideal pool temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit this is for athletes in competition or heavy practice so you wont overheat but most recreational pools are kept around 84 and spas at 100, in the end it's personal preference. Fortunately we live on the Suncoast and most pools will be close to Gulf temperature, so during the summer your pool may be as warm as 90 but in the Winter as Cold as 60 degrees without additional heating.

At DART, we offer a range of affordable heating and cooling options to help you get more use out of your swimming pool and spa.

Gas Heaters Vs Heat Pump

Gas heaters are generally available in larger sizes with much faster heating times than heat pumps. What does this mean? You can turn on your gas heater Friday or even Saturday morning and be swimming by Saturday afternoon or heat your spa up in 15 to 45 minutes but cost more to operate.

Heat Pumps are typically used in warmer climate's and luckily for us the Florida Suncoast is a perfect place for a Heat Pump. Typically you will need to have a 50 to 60 amp electrical service available before you can consider installing a Heat Pump. Heating times are much slower than gas heaters but cost much less to operate.

Gas Pool heating

A gas heater is a cost-effective way to heat your pool/spa to a comfortable temperature all year round. It can provide on-demand heating, which means your pool/spa will be at the perfect temperature when you want it regardless of the weather. Typical sizes are 250,000 Btu's to 400,000 Btu's and efficiency ratings are 78% to 85% with a few high efficiency heaters at 95%.

When choosing a gas heater for your pool/spa you should consider these factors :

  • Swimming Pool Size
  • Maximum temperature​
  • Heating time